Thrust Load Protector

  • Standard, Heavy Duty, and Enhanced designs from 6000lbs to 40000lbs.
  • Heavy foot mounted design for true alignment and rigid design.
  • Wide range of sealing options for all applications.
  • High strength corrosion resistant shafting for all designs.
  • External Cooling for Fluid Film bearing design (Enhanced TLP).
  • Oil Reservoir for better management of the lubrication process.
  • Involuted spline design for stronger and greater coupling engagement.
  • Service available on a 24 hour basis.

Thrust Load Protector - 1.6

With a thrust load capable of up to 6000lbs the Standard Thrust Load Protector (TLP) is capable of handling the majority of injection applications.  Designed from a heavy duty grey iron housing providing a rigid base the TLP is easily installed in the field and aligned by laser to the motor.  The Stainless Steel designed wetted parts help prevent corrosion in harsh environments.  The TLP design is standard with a type 2 bellows seal in monel construction.  Additional cartridge and tandem API seals are available. 

Thrust Load Protector - 2.0 - Intermediate

Designed to fit directly into the Standard TLP's foot print the Intermediate TLP is designed to handle thrust loads to 12000lbs.  Over time Centrifugal pumps wear and the thrust loads they produce increase causing the Standard TLP to handle higher thrust loads.  The iTLP design allows for longer run times and a more dependable pumping system.

Thrust Load Protector - 3.0 - Enhanced

The Enhanced TLP was designed to handle the large diameter pumps that Rentzel Pump supplies.  Designed with a bi-directional fluid film bearing the ETLP 3.0 is design to handle thrust loads up to 35000lbs.  The ETLP has a external oil cooler that cools the oil as the system operates.  The Standard ETLP also has a type 2 bellows seal and can be modified to support cartridge and tandem API seal designs.